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Sign up for the GP Tuition programme to enrich your learning experience and acquire the skills to answer comprehension and essay questions effectively. We prepare JC1 and JC2 students to excel at the A Level GP examinations by focusing on knowledge comprehension. Furthermore, our classes stretch the academic mind and nurture maturity in the thinking so that our students are proficient in solving a wide spectrum of questions independently. Study techniques and answering processes are tuned to be exam-focused, enabling our students to be consistently prepared for examinations despite the stressful conditions.

What can you learn at our GP Tuition

As part of our GP Tuition programme, our GP tutors will assess your writing proficiency level and provide constructive and feasible suggestions to refine your answering techniques for comprehension and essay questions. This is done through our specialised programmes which covers fine writing and comprehension skills development. Furthermore, our spectrum of materials in our database ensures that you will be saturated with knowledge which gives you the competitive edge amongst your peers and gain confidence for your upcoming examinations. GP Issues

  • GP Issues

    At GP Tuition Singapore, we regularly release GP issues and articles to update our students on current affairs so that their GP knowledge is constantly renewed. A flexible subject, the GP syllabus demands up-to-date information to support key ideas development in areas such as Essay Writing and Application Questions in the Comprehension segment.

  • GP Notes

    Understanding that GP is a knowledge heavy subject, we hold a library of topical teachings that are accessible to students. This not only ensures efficiency but also convenience such that students can refer to the GP notes when they have a need for it after school lessons or during exam revisions especially.

  • GP Essays

    Our GP Essays are also available to students for reference and understand how certain ideas can be structured in an argumentative style. Moreover, we also use our GP essays as teachings for our students. These writings increase their exposure to different writing styles and help shape their own writing style that is more complex yet focused.

  • GP Essays Writing Skills

    GP Tuition Singapore refines your essay writing skills with our specialised methodologies that identifies your language fallacies and corrects with the proper writing skillsets. This ensures that you become consistent in your writing which strengthens your fundamentals, hence pushing you towards excellence in the examinations.

  • GP Comprehension Writing Skills

    Acquire complex Comprehension Writing Skills with GP Tuition Singapore and develop efficient ways on dealing with short-answer questions. We also schedule Skills Development Workshops that primarily focus on refining skills such as Comprehension Writing Skills in bid to raise the student’s ability to answer fast and effectively.

Know more about our GP and Economics Tuition Programme

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Our GP Tuition equips students with effective reading and writing skills to handle GP essay and comprehension questions. Our wide range of questions will teach students to focus their energies on persuasive and organised writing.

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Schedule for J1 Economics Tuition

Our J1 H1 and H2 Economics Tuition classes will build up the students’ ability to analyze economics issues and apply the relevant concepts to answer the examination questions effectively. Students will learn to tackle Case Study and Essay Questions during our class practices.

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Schedule for J2 Economics Tuition

The J2 H1 and H2 Economics tuition programmes will be instrumental in guiding students through the study of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics, such that they can answer the CSQs and Essay Questions effectively during the examinations

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