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GP Notes is set up to help students to find sources of information from just a small device held in their palm. These notes are effective in providing supporting examples to give substance to the main ideas of an essay. Our notes contain historical data useful for comparison of factors and also updated figures and information as you espouse your ideas. GP Notes also enhance topical teaching in prose so that students can read through upon facing difficulties in conceptual understanding.

What kind of GP notes we provide in our GP Tuition ?

We provide online GP notes on our GP Tuition Pages which gives unlimited accessibility to students in need. Our notes offer a wide coverage of the GP content syllabus which is raises the exposure level amongst our students. These notes also impart current issues, helping students to update their source of knowledge regularly.

Freedom of Speech, Fake News & Censorship

One of our issues covered is on Freedom of Speech, Fake News and Censorship. It illustrates the characteristics of the news and its regulations as well as the right to express ideas. These are important issues widely pertinent to our society today. Moreover, relating the 3 concepts together help students to see the bigger picture and understand the problems implicating the society today.

Traditional Media, Mass Media & Social Media

With recent election problems, there has been much debate regarding the controversy behind media issues. Our articles educates students on the issues and inform them about the underlying harms of Media. Our notes also discuss the evolution of Media, how it has taken shape in our modern society and also the threat to the reliability of media.

How to use GP notes for GCE A Level examination ?

In preparation for your GP examination, you can refer to these GP notes to condense the amount of information to absorb, thereby making your revision more productive and exam-friendly. Our GP notes, made available in our integrated learning network, are developed with the intention to summarise the key ideas for every GP issue that can be applied to GP essay and comprehension questions. Furthermore, we will update these online resources to add in new ideas, arguments and examples in order to raise awareness and value-add your learning experience and thus creating an enjoyable and intriguing process.

Organise your revision based on GP issues

As the GP essay and comprehension questions are likely to cover specific GP issues, you should use these GP notes to derive a clearer understanding of every GP issue separately. These notes contain specific areas of study such as key definitions, events, factor analysis and assessment of impacts on modern societies from multiple angles, like economic, political and social.

Integrate your understanding of GP issues

Following the study of individual GP issues, you should integrate your knowledge by attempting practice essay questions consistently. In view of the recent examination trends, the examination questions tend to involve the discussion of multiple perspectives that can inter-link GP issues together. As such, it is folly to ‘spot’ topics and omit the study of aspects that may not interest you. Instead, you should learn to approach GP issues from various points of views and develop an ‘eye’ for detail so as to become better in forming persuasive and balanced arguments.

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