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Join our GP Tuition at Bedok, Tampines, Bishan and Singapore to ace your A Level General Paper examinations. Be inspired by the GP Tutors of and explore different GP topics, like Science and Technology, Education and Culture. Immerse yourself in a conducive learning environment as we explore diverse GP issues, like the challenges of globalisation in affecting modern societies. Our GP tuition programme will no doubt be beneficial to your learning as we equip you with the skills and knowledge to raise writing proficiency.

What’s New : GP Tuition on Culture

During this term, we will find out how culture affects countries, seen in terms of the individual, social, economic and political viewpoints that will be carried out through the viewing of educational videos, GP model essays and online discussions and interactions.

At this online learning platform, we will discuss the economic impacts of culture. Let’s explore the topic of culture together!

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What’s New : GP Tuition on Environment

How is Environment important to us?

Each month, our tuition centre publishes discussion articles to educate our students and help them consolidate their content knowledge. Our students have found these articles useful as the content are succinct in explanation which helps students to grasp the complex causation development in GP. With regular releases, these articles ensure that students are constantly refreshed with content discussions and argumentative flows, thereby encouraging critical thinking without a need for a physical classroom.

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How our GP Tuition can prepare you for A?

Our GP Tuition programmes are fine-tuned regularly to ensure that you will benefit from the lessons as you gear up for the A Level General Paper examination. As a student of, you can access our learning resources to improve your thinking and writing abilities consistently. Read on to understand the intricacies of the GP tuition programme.

  • ‘Study with Simon’ Programme

    This unique programme was introduced with the aim to support your revision efforts through the organization of practice sessions to refine your writing techniques. In addition to the regular GP tuition classes held on a weekly basis, you can attend the ‘Study with Simon’ Programme to attempt additional practices for GP essays and comprehension.

  • Knowledge Enrichment

    The first step to the attainment of excellence involves knowledge enrichment, in which the GP tuition classes will broaden your understanding of GP issues. This is essential as you will apply the knowledge to crystallise ideas and form persuasive arguments to answer GP-related questions.

  • Issue-based Discussion

    As a student of, you will learn to engage in meaningful discussions relating to GP issues as this method of expression is important for idea organization and coherent arguments. We will guide you through a step-by-step approach to achieve competency in writing.

  • GP Comprehension Answering Techniques

    The journey towards academic success also features the cultivation of effective application techniques for GP comprehension. Learn to read the passages and annotate relevant parts to improve your precision of answers. We will feature comprehension questions for practice and self-review.

  • GP Essay Writing Skills

    Besides, your aim to ace the A Level General Paper examination can be realised with our focus on the development of GP essay writing skills. You will be introduced to various aspects of writing, such as the identification of types of GP essay questions, introduction setting, and the use of rebuttals.

Hear what our students say about the GP Tuition

Be inspired to learn and excel in your studies by finding out how students of have benefited from the GP Tuition programmes. We are glad to have taught these students as they have persevered and overcame the challenges to become more confident and proficient. We hope that you will embark on this experiential learning journey together with us and achieve similar remarkable feats.