GP Essay Writing Skills will guide students to build up their essay writing skills, which is an essential aspect for mastering the A Level General Paper. Our established GP tuition programme covers both classroom-based and online learning activities, allowing you to receive regular revision. Given that the cultivation of effective writing techniques is a long-term process that requires extensive practice, close guidance and self-evaluation, it is crucial for students to follow through our programmes to fine tune the Essay Writing Skills.

How our GP Tuition teaches GP essay skills?

Our GP tuition programme imparts you with the necessary skills to organize, analyze and write your GP essays effectively. Through instructive teaching methods, you will learn to shape your arguments in well-structured and persuasive ways in order to achieve the A grade for this component. Read on to find out more about our class activities.

Identification of Question Types

Learn to identify the different essay question types such as the ‘Do You Agree’ and ‘To what extent’ questions. As each question type holds specific set of requirements such as the format of essay or writing tone, our lessons are shaped to feature different question types and allow our students to familiarise better.

Progressive Skills Development

The development of effective essay writing techniques comprises of a series of steps that are separated into distinctive lessons. Each lesson will feature a particular skill that raises writing competence. For instance, students will learn how to set clear and concise introductions which is essential to setting impression for the essay.

Skills-based Application and Practice

The mastery of GP essay writing skills is no easy feat and requires extensive practices to develop coherent and logical thinking processes. Therefore, students should expect persistence in their efforts while they overcome their apprehension in writing by attending the class practices in our GP tuition programmes.

Where to get good GP essays?

Students who desire to improve their GP essays can tap on the vast resources found in our integrated GP learning network, such as and These resources contain reference essays and outlines that students can view and understand how perspectives are set. Moreover, the style and flow of writing can be emulated from the essays.

Learn to write with flair through our resources located in We feature outlines and related essays on various topics, like Fake News, Freedom of Speech and Censorship.

GP Tuition Singapore

Deepen your understanding of GP issues by referring to the resources at GP Tuition Singapore. There are many useful GP essays found in this learning site which can be organized into different issues like culture and education.

How to improve your GP essay writing?

Improve your essay writing skills with these useful tips for your consideration. Understand the implications and make full use of these online resources to complement your class practices and discussions conducted at our GP Tuition programmes.

Keep practising

The best form of revision for General Paper is to keep on writing. By writing, you are forming connections between ideas which aids in deriving arguments that match the requirements of your essay questions. Although the formation of ideas may not be logical or sound at first look, you can review and adjust the writing. This allows you to grasp the different approaches of writing, which will eventually become second-nature to you.

Explore GP issues

Another useful strategy to adopt is to read widely. To understand the significance of local and global issues such as the complexities of environmental sustainability and the push for poverty reduction, one must understand the underlying factors from various perspectives. This requires you to develop a keen sense of observation and an analytical mind. You can start by reading comprehension passages to understand how these authors form their arguments while expanding your knowledge of various GP issues.

How to start a GP essay ?

Understanding the inertia by many students when starting an essay, our GP Tuition Programme teaches you the methods to overcome writing problems. These tactics are especially essential during exams as students tend to ‘freeze’ when they try to think of the best writing approach. Students may also spend too much time when thinking of proper examples to support their ideas. Applying this methodologies will help students to cut down on time and drive efficiency.

Drafting a broad outline

For starters, you should draft a broad outline with various ideas that you deem suitable for the essay. Do not be afraid of inserting the wrong ideas as the idea may turn out to be a good one. Once you have the scattered pieces of your ideas, write out the general causation to form an outline. Finally, arrange the outline with coherence and check the flow of writing.

Have your stand of argument in mind

It is important to have a main stand in mind as it shapes the basis of your arguments. You should identify the possible factors with regards to the direction of your arguments and provide an arrangements for the points. Write the introduction with a foreshadow of your essay and make sure that you present your stand of argument clearly.

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