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Join our GP Tuition classes to get a headstart in your pre-tertiary journey as we prepare you for the demands of the A Level General Paper examinations. Given that one of the two major components of the GP examinations involves Comprehension questions, it is imperative that we impart you with the essential writing skills to maximise mark attainment for each question.

Our GP Tuition nurtures our students with the the necessary GP comprehensions skills to answer all comprehension question types. Students will be taught with the effective reading procedure, extraction techniques to enhance their understanding of the passage, the proficient answering techniques for different types comprehension questions like language-based, factual-based and inference-based questions. Special and effective comprehension techniques on Application and Summary questions are also taught to ensure that students score more marks for this major areas.

In this learning journey, students are not just given tips for comprehension. It is more than this as we aim to shape them to acquire the reading, thinking, writing and answering techniques as their studying behaviours that will enable then do well in General Paper comprehension for GCE A level examination.

How our GP tuition refines your comprehension skills ?

Register for our GP Tuition to find out how you can raise your grade further with feasible and easy-to-follow steps. Our passionate and experienced GP Tutors will demonstrate to you how you can analyze and tackle each comprehension question, namely the short answer, summary and application questions.

Our teaching activities surround the development of comprehension skills necessary to improve GP comprehension skills for JC students. Students will be taught on how to read more comprehensively, extracting materials within minutes and apply to the requirements of the questions.

Students will also learn how to answer the various types of question with clear cut explanation, evaluation, interpretation of inference, depiction of the intent of the writer, explanation and application of language-based items to the requirements of question.

Students will be taught on how to expand their vocabulary acumen to better apply their writing techniques on summary where summary techniques like word substitution, rephrasing of expression and analogy to develop capacity for the summary writing.

In addition, we will enrich students’ intellectual acumen to expand their abilities to handle Application Question or AQ. Students must be imbued with a wide spectrum of knowledge to develop causation to answer the requirements of the AQ. Students are also trained on how to apply examples and trends and development in their society to support their arguments. In all, students are trained to articulate effectively and answer the AQs in a contextualised manner.

How to improve GP comprehension ?

In this article, we would like to share with JC students on how to improve their comprehension grade with these comprehension tips that they can work on to raise their competency. However, it is important for students to take note that these are acquired behaviours that need to be nurtured and developed and not simply taken as information for studying, after all, a good grade for General Paper is attained not by memorisation of facts but the application of facts in an expressive and logical manner.

Read comprehensively

Many JC students ignore the significance of reading process and techniques as they think that it cannot be improved or they do not know how to improve this reading skills. The willingness to know more information we read is the right attitude we need to have, Do not just read for the need to answer questions as you fail to develop your capacity to understand causation which will be helpful in reading another passage. Most students fail to understand that comprehension of arguments can be better if we build a temperament for comprehension. This can be better achieved when we know how to read GP comprehension passage more effectively by understanding the theme, the main ideas, the arguments and the proposition of the passage. Students must acquire good reading skills to ensure that they understand the passage to extract information and apply more effectively to the different types of comprehension questions.

Interpret and extract well

The right skills to interpret and extract well is the key to effective understanding of comprehension and answering of the various types of comprehension questions. Many students needs to identify the right sentences in the paragraph which will will be the source of inform of the question. Knowing the nature of argument that is depicted in the paragraph is helpful in deriving the information to answer the question as you will streamline this information to the requirements of the question. Teachers design GP comprehension questions based on how the writer wants to argue and the manner of this argument is the basis on how the question is set. Thus, it is wise to understand the meaning of the argument as it is the source of information for the answer.

Apply Correctly

Answering correctly based on a logical way of explanation is important as a good answer is one which is easy for the examiner to mark. To achieve this, students need to know how to answer orderly to the requirements of the question. The knowledge of root sentence, forms of expression and types of question are critical information and steps of explanation needed to apply source of information correctly to the question. As each type of question has different forms of requirements, it is imperative to apply the steps of answering to the types of the comprehension questions. In the answering process, students need to pay attention to the way the question is posed and ensure that the answer fulfills the requirements of the questions. In sum, be orderly and precise in explanation for examiner.

Make It Relevant

Making answers relevant is important in answering Application Questions as students must apply relevant exemplary to support their arguments for this type of question. Students need to be aware of the issues concerning certain GP matters that are often discussed in GP Application Questions and the understanding on how these GP issues will affect SIngapore or is observed in Singapore. Understanding of issues and make it relevant for discussion will improve students’ understanding of the causation or arguments made by the writer. This capacity to make reading relevant and applicable is crucial in improving comprehension grade.

Improve your expression

This proficiency to write with proper grammar and expressively in a constructive and logical way is important to improve GP comprehension grade. Students need to be more careful with their sentence construction, applying their grammatical rules and vocabulary expression appropriately to bring out a sound argument in their answer. This is also helpful in improving the grades for GP comprehension as a portion of marks is allocated to grammar.

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