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Sign up for our exam-oriented GP Tuition programmes to get a headstart in your revision for A Level General Paper. Our programmes are available for both JC1 and JC2 students, featuring a wide range of intellectually-stimulating and thought-provoking class activities. Our primary aim is to fulfil the objective of attaining grade A for General Paper by equipping you with the skills to answer both GP essay and comprehension questions.

Class Schedule for our GP and Economics Tuition

Learn more about our class schedule for the GP Tuition programmes offered to both JC1 and JC2 students. Additionally, you can consider signing up for our Economics Tuition classes that will prepare you for the A Level Economics examinations.

GP Tuition Schedule

Be prepared for the A Level General Paper examination with our exam-driven GP tuition classes as you explore wide-ranging GP topics and apply your knowledge to practice questions.

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J2 Economics Tuition Schedule

Sign up for our JC2 economics tuition programme offered to H1 and H2 students as you prepare extensively for the preliminary and final A Level Economics examination.

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J1 Economics Tuition Schedule

Embark on an exciting learning journey with our JC1 economics tuition classes for H1 and H2 students as you gear up for the common tests and promotional examination.

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How you will learn during our GP Tuition?

In this section, we will explain further to shed more light on what exactly we do during our GP tuition. These class activities are oriented towards knowledge enrichment and skills development to excel at both the GP essay and comprehension components.

Read. Think. Write. Answer.

Our four-step teaching method will support your revision efforts effectively. You will learn to read comprehension and essay questions and think carefully to strategize your writing approach. Then, apply a series of writing techniques to craft your arguments.

Engage in class discussion to understand GP issues

Our GP tuition programme offers frequent class discussions to build up your knowledge towards various GP issues. These discussions are important in expanding the scope and depth of understanding to cultivate an analytical and flexible mind.

Acquire skills to answer GP essays and comprehension questions

The GP Tuition programme will develop your GP essay and comprehension answering skills to prepare you for the challenges of the A Level General Paper examination. For example, you will learn to set essay outlines and write concise paragraphs.

Other Useful Resources for our GP Tuition

Expand your sources of learning to attain a broader understanding of different topics and issues at our GP Tuition. is part of an interconnected network that offers vast learning resources for you to engage in self-study. These GP sites feature content, like the discussion of GP topics and useful videos. We believe that these learning materials will be beneficial to your revision for the subject. Check out these platforms to get started in your learning.

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