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Join the GP Tuition by Generalpaper.com.sg to understand GP issues and topics that are found in comprehension and essay questions. In preparation for the A Level General Paper examinations, we feature GP articles, essays and topical discussions. As a learning portal, Generalpaper.com.sg becomes the intuitive way for students to find GP answers whenever and wherever.

Featured GP Tutors at our GP Tuition

Be inspired to learn from GP tutors of Generalpaper.com.sg as they guide you explore various GP issues, broaden knowledge and develop essential application skills to ace the Comprehension and Essay questions. Read on to find out how these tutors can aid your educational endeavours.


JC GP Tutor Simon Ng

JC GP Tutor Simon Ng applies a Rational Thinking teaching approach to nurture students to reflect on GP issues to form arguments in logical and coherent ways.


JC GP Tutor Justin Ng

JC GP Tutor Justin Ng utilises an exam-oriented teaching method to equip students with the know-how to answer GP essay and comprehension questions effectively.

How our GP Tuition works?

Over the years, our GP Tuition programmes have been developed and refined to match the latest examination trends. Given the complexity of issues and examination questions, our class activities will cover knowledge enrichment, class discussion and skills application. By attending our exam-focused classes, our JC1 and JC2 students will be competent and proficient in acing the Promotional and A Level General Paper examinations respectively.


Attend knowledge enrichment classes

Explore various GP issues meaningfully as our knowledge enrichment programme enables you to analyze and reflect on the key issues that are likely to be covered in GP essays and comprehension passages.

Improve your answering skills

Sign up for the 'Study with Simon' Programme as you can attempt practice questions and clarify your doubts in these productive revision sessions, under the guidance of our principal GP Tutor Simon Ng.

What's New at Generalpaper.com.sg?

Generalpaper.com.sg features new GP-related matters to raise awareness on important areas of learning, such as the regular discussion of GP content. By doing so, you will broaden your understanding of key GP issues and apply your newfound knowledge to your revision, thereby raising the quality of answers.

GP issues on Fake News, Censorship and Freedom of Speech

In this current issue, you can delve into the discussion of fake news, freedom of speech and censorship to understand the reasons why advocates protect their rights for self-expression and its impacts on the modern societies.

Know more about our GP and Economics Tuition Programmes

Our GP and Economics Tuition Programmes consist of topical teaching, skills development and revision classes to support your learning through your JC years. Our tutors will guide you in your academic journey as you strive to solidify your knowledge in the English and Economics fields.


GP Tuition

Our GP Tuition imparts fine linguistic skills to students and builds up their analytical minds for both Essay Writing and Comprehension. This is essential as GP questions become increasingly demanding which requires a more focused approach to tackle them.

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J1 Economics Tuition

At J1 Economics Tuition, we place heavy emphasis on developing a proper content foundation for our students and ensure competency in their fundamentals skills. Close guidance is also provided to help students to bridge the knowledge gap as Economics is a relatively new subject.

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J2 Economics Tuition

J2 Economics Tuition provides the necessary supervision as students enter the critical J2 phase, in which content mastery is a prerequisite and conceptual analysis being the determinant of the A grade. So acquire these skills with us at Economics Tuition.

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