What’s the relationship between education and politics?

Have you ever wondered what is the relationship between education and politics? Let’s take a look at their relationship at our online GP resources.

Nurturing politically enlightened individuals

As people become more educated, they would gain more knowledge and this increases their awareness about the world they live in. As such, individuals are able to participate in political discussions and counter the issue of political apathy. This then highlights the importance of cultivating active and politically enlightened individuals around the world.

The active participation by individuals will show that they are keen to be involved in political development and the governments should gladly welcome these ideas that would play a crucial role in the shaping of a nation where everyone’s opinion matter.

Building political identity for nation building

Education also further emphasises on the importance of political participation. With higher education levels, individuals are able to engage in political activities that help shape a nation through the policies made when their opinions are taken into consideration by the government. This helps to promote a sense of togetherness to achieve the aim of nation-building.

Question: How does education shape the political world today?

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